OneGauge started as a product for DIY’ers looking to build their own dash. However, we have been working to find vehicle specific cluster solutions for those who want to replacement their instrument cluster.

Please understand the following:

  • Replacing your cluster is always the most expensive  way to install a OneGauge screen, but it gives the best over all result.
  • Clusters are not available for all vehicles; typically, these products are developed for the vehicles that are most commonly modified. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop custom clusters, so the focus is on vehicles with the highest demand.

First, check out the OneGauge store for vehicle specific OneGauge kits. These include all of the hardware you’ll need to replace your cluster. 

Second, here’s our current list of vendors where clusters can be purchased. Check these sites to see if there are products for your vehicle. 

  • Mako Motorsports– Australian company that makes a huge variety of clusters and they will do the cutting for you. When checking out, use the notes field to specify “Nextion 7 inch LCD screen” to tell Mako how to cut the cluster for our 7″ LCD screens.
  • – OneGauge 7″ LCD screens can be made to fit into any cluster made for a Holley 7″ screen using our 3D printed Holley style case.
  • also provides blank dash panels for the following vehicles, by special order. Note, these must be cut by the customer or CNC cut to work with our screens.
    • 1967-68 Chevy Camaro
    • 1960-66 Chevy Truck
    • 1967-72 Chevy / GMC Truck
    • 1973-83 Chevy / GMC Truck
    • 1984-87 Chevy / GMC Truck
    • 1966-67 Chevy II / Nova
    • 1957-60 Ford Truck
    • 1961-66 Ford Truck
    • 1967-72 Ford Truck
    • 1967-72 Ford Ranger
    • 1967-68 Pontiac Firebird

Lastly, if you can’t find your vehicle on any of these lists, we recommend doing a little searching. Often small companies focused on specific makes and models will build custom blank clusters that can be modified to work with our product. Check eBay, Facebook groups, and other resources to see if a cluster is available. 

If no pre-made cluster is available, OneGauge offers custom cluster building services. Another option is to bring the kit to a local fabrication or Car Audio/Visual shop and they often have the skills to make very attractive custom solutions.