These themes are included on our standard 7″ and 10″ LCD screens, and you can toggle between them as well as set one as your default or ‘home’ screen at any time. We are also happy to do custom designs, or program a setup for a custom user-made design, with cost depending on the complexity of the design. For more information, reach out to us at Check back often- we are always adding new designs!

Please note that our products are shipped with the designs included below, so there may be non-functioning gauges on your screen if you do not connect a sensor that provides the reading for that gauge. Please notify us when you place on order of any modifications or deletions you require for your screen. Screen changes may add time to production of your setup and complicated modifications will require additional fees.

This video demonstrates each of the LCD designs we currently have available as default designs (new version coming March 2022).

A walkthrough of our screen designs and how to navigate the various settings, functions, and features of our screens (update pending, March 2022).

Click on the images below to scroll through our 40+ designs.

The below designs are standard for the 12.3″ Pidash Screens. Other sizes will require custom design.

Use this playlist if you’re interested in designing your own screens. Feel free to reach out to us with questions before you get started- it can be a complicated but the software is relatively straightforward once you practice with it and we’re happy to help with your design!