Themes for dedicated LCD screens to change the look and feel of your display.
You can select gauge styles, rearrange and resize gauges, and add/remove gauges when a theme is purchased.

  • We are still working to develop new themes. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email us at
  • Below are examples of our basic themes. You can also choose to customize these themes by adding, deleting, or moving sensors, or even create a completely custom design. The design, programming, and testing of any customization is billed hourly- please reach out to us if you’d like a custom screen at 
  • Use the OneGauge LCD Design Doc to start to create a custom display design using OneGauge gauge images.

This video demonstrates each of the LCD designs we currently have available as default designs (updated May 2020). These can be edited or adjusted based on which sensors you are using.

A walkthrough of our screen designs and how to navigate the various settings, functions, and features of our screens as of June 2020.

OneGauge Race Theme

OneGauge Classic Theme

Rubio Theme