Welcome to the OneGauge Kit page!

All kits come pre-assembled and ready to install! As always, if you have any questions or wish to place a custom order, please reach out to Info@TheOneGauge.com!

Vehicle specific products: if you’re looking for a mount specific to your vehicle, we have a number of them available below. However, we partner with multiple companies to provide compatibility with hundreds of different vehicles.  If your vehicle is listed on one of these sites we are happy to help with a vehicle specific kit! If not, reach out to us and we can discuss options to get one made for your vehicle.
Dash Cluster Inserts and 3D Prints – these custom printed dashes have worked well for tons of our customers!
Mako Motorsports – this Australian company makes cluster mounts for hundreds of vehicles and focuses on Japanese, German, and American cars. When ordering, select ‘custom cut’ and in the order notes add “Nextion 7″ Screen”. See an example here! 
LRB Speed – various metal gauge panels for Mazda, Nissan, etc. When ordering specify “OneGauge 7″ screen” in the custom setup field.
DW Gauge Panels – dash panels for Dodge trucks.

Lead times: Phone/Tablet setups are usually ready to ship in around 2 weeks, while LCD kits may be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks. Highly customized or complex kits may take longer. Please reach out if lead time is a concern.