You can save money and get your OneGauge setup more quickly if you purchase the components of the system and assemble them yourself. Everything is plug and play, and each sensor purchased from OneGauge includes all the necessary wiring.
Click on the product image or title to learn more about the product and find links for purchasing the product on other websites, if available (requires DIY wiring).

Some helpful documentation:
LCD Screen Dimensions and Printable Templates
OneGauge Installation Instructions
OneGauge Sensor List

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ThumbnailsProduct TitlePriceQuantityAction
10″ LCD Screen
Our largest LCD screen at 10.1".
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3.5 inch LCD screen3.5″ LCD Screen
The 3.5" screen is one of our smaller screens that is often used in addition to larger screens or other smaller screens.
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5″ LCD Screen
5" LCD screen.
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7″ LCD Screen
The 7" LCD screen is our standard screen that's large enough to fit plenty of gauges but small enough to fit most dash openings.
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When used with the GPS module, the Odometer option allows you to record vehicle mileage. Requires purchase of GPS module; only recommended for LCD screen setups.
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This sensor is essential for off-road vehicles and fun to have for everyone else. Only recommended for LCD-screen setups.
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GPS SensorGPS Speedometer
A GPS module provides the data required to read vehicle speed, location, time, altitude, and compass direction.
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On-Screen Buttons and Relays
On-screen buttons allow you to control vehicle accessories with buttons on your LCD screen. Two are included with each purchase.
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SD Card Logger
Saves sensor readings to an SD card for later analysis. Only recommended for LCD-screen setups.
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