Recommended Tablets

Because the tablet market changes so often, we need to do some research to get more updated recommendations for you. Please use the following list of suggestions while shopping in the meantime.

When shopping for tablets for use with OneGauge and Torque Pro, you need to look for the following features:

  • Measure the area you have for mounting or displaying your tablets. Tablets are measured diagonally (a 10.1″ tablet has a screen that will measure 10.1 inches diagonally).
  • Screen size isn’t everything- check the screen resolution (for example, 1920×1080). The larger the two numbers, the larger the viewing area.
  • If GPS functionality is important to you (Speedometer, compass direction, longitude/latitude, etc), make sure the tablet includes GPS functionality. We recommend testing it upon arrival using your selected app; we have received tablets in the past that advertise GPS functionality by the GPS does not work with Torque or other apps.
  • Almost all tablets include Bluetooth connectivity- this is vital for OneGauge use.
  • The tablet should connect to the Google Play Store. Most Android tablets include this feature. Note that Amazon Fire tablets do not support Torque Pro by default.