This starter kit allows you to install a 10″ OneGauge LCD screen in place of the instrument cluster in a 1980-1993 Volvo 240. 

What’s included: 

  • OneGauge Hub and standard ABS plastic housing (please contact us to upgrade to the 3D printed box pictured above)
  • 10″ LCD Screen with multiple screen designs (see
  • Mounting kit – 2 mounting brackets and hardware (see pictures above for fit and finish)
  • GPS speedometer, altitude, and compass direction
  • Uses your stock coolant redblock temperature sensor (if applicable)
  • Built in voltage, fuel level, and tachometer* capabilities

Optional upgrades: 

You can purchase sensors from OneGauge (they are wired and ready to install) or purchase and install sensors yourself reduce the cost of your setup.

OBD-II or CAN-BUS Upgrade- $100:
For engine swapped vehicles with OBD-II capabilities or an aftermarket/standalone ECU:

  • Wireless setup (pre-2008 engines) – includes wireless Bluetooth OBD-II reader linked to your OneGauge setup
  • Wired setup (2008+ engines and all engines with OBD protocol ISO 15765-4) – wired but much faster OBD-II connection for compatible vehicles
  • CAN-BUS input- for vehicles with CAN-BUS enabled aftermarket or standalone ECU’s; requires either available CAN BUS protocol or the ability for user customized CAN BUS settings. Please email us to verify compatibility before purchase. 

Basic Sensor Kit – $100: 

  • Additional Temperature sensor (1/8″ NPT, ideal for oil or transmission fluid temps)
  • Digital Oil pressure sensor (3/8″ NPT, will require an adapter to M14x1.5 for redblocks)
  • Vacuum/Boost sensor (up to 30 PSI)

Advanced Sensor Kit – $200

  • All sensors listed in the Basic Kit above
  • Odometer module
  • Fuel pressure sensor** (1/4″ NPT, please contact us with the PSI rating required)
  • Ambient Temp sensor

*Your vehicle may require a tachometer adapter to send the correct signal to the OneGauge hub. Please read our Tachometer Instructions on the OneGauge FAQs page for more info.

**Please note that we do not warranty standard fuel pressure sensors, but they are inexpensive to replace. Heavy duty fuel pressure sensors are available for an additional charge.