OneGauge is offering a console LCD screen kit that includes:

  • OneGauge Hub and all necessary wiring
  • Bluetooth capability for use with Torque on a single Android device
  • 7″ LCD Touchscreen (other sizes available upon request)
  • All current OneGauge themes/designs (see

For details on all components, please see our OneGauge Instruction Manual. 

Sensor Kits: 

Basic Sensor Kit – $100: 

  • Analog Temperature sensor (1/8″ NPT, ideal for coolant, oil, or transmission fluid temps)
  • Digital Oil pressure sensor (3/8″ NPT)
  • Vacuum/Boost sensor (up to 30 PSI)

Advanced Sensor Kit – $175

  • All sensors listed in the Basic Kit above
  • Additional Temperature sensor (1/8″ NPT)
  • Fuel pressure sensor** (1/4″ NPT, please contact us with the PSI rating required)
  • Ambient Temperature sensor

Video Demo:

-Buyer will need to provide the following information: fuel tank sizes (and possibly perform simple resistance measurements on the tank senders)

-If the Hub is installed in the engine bay, wiring for the screen (about 1/4″ diameter) will have to be run through the firewall.