PiDash Kit


Purchase a Pidash Kit pre-configured and set up to work with your OneGauge hub!



We partner with Pidash ( to provide numerous additional screen options for OneGauge products. This is NOT a complete OneGauge kit, only the plug-and-play Pidash screen and computer. Please purchase the OneGauge unit through

Pidash products offer widescreen or round display sizes, easily customizable display options, features like backup camera inputs, and much more!

We purchase our components from Pidash when available. Please note that these kits usually take time to arrive and assemble; build time is usually 4-6 weeks  or more depending on customization.

Please see videos below for demos and information!

Pidash Kits are also available from, but kits purchased here are pre-set up and ready to install on your OneGauge unit. Please note that if the OneGauge hub in a separate order it may need to be updated to activate Pidash communication.

The Pidash Kit includes the following, pre-set up and ready to plug into your OneGauge unit.

  • Rasberry Pi Computer
  • LCD screen(s) as selected
  • 5V voltage regulators for the Pi and LCD screen(s)
  • HDMI cable(s) required to connect the screens to the Pi
  • Basic dash design (some screens have more designs than others- please reach out for a custom design quote if needed)
  • TunerStudio license ($125 value, required)
  • Initial setup completed so the dash is ready to plug in and run with OneGauge
  • Other options (backup camera, apple car-play) as purchased

Screen Dimensions:
12.3″: 308.1 × 130×15.6 (12.2″x5.1″x.6″), display 292.032 × 109.5 (11.5″x4.3″)
12.6″: 315.6×94×5.3 (12.4″x 3.7″x 0.2″), display 309.3×83 (12.2″x 3.27″)
11.9″: 287.3 x 69.8 (11.3″x2.75″)
Round 5″:
5.9″ total diameter, 5″ display
Round 4″:
4.9″ total diameter, 4″ display
Round 3.4″: 
4.52″ total diameter, 3.4″ display


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