Use this page to build your custom OneGauge kit!
If you have any questions, or want us to quote a custom kit, feel free to reach out to us at!
If you’re looking for a mounting setup to fit your specific vehicle please visit our Mounting Options page where we list various ideas and options to purchase instrument cluster replacements and other screen mounts.
All of the products we sell are built to order and tested extensively. We work through orders as they are received; build times tend to range from 3-4 weeks but may be longer based on the order complexity.
November and December are our busiest times of year- please order early to avoid longer wait times! We’ll also be taking time off for the holidays, so order lead time may increase. 
All sales of custom units are final. For instructions, warranty info, screen dimensions, and more visit 

Every setup ships with the following:

  • A OneGauge hub with 30+ inputs for various temperature, pressure, fuel level, voltage, RPM, speed, turn signals, up to 5 indicators, and more
  • Bluetooth capability to broadcast data to Torque Pro or RealDash on an Android phone, tablet, or stereo receiver
  • Power wiring (6 ft./2m)

For a full feature list and information, visit

Visit our Youtube playlist for a full review and explanation of all of OneGauge’s options and features!



Find descriptions of various product options below: 

Data Input Options:

  • Standard Sensors: Install standard sensors for each gauge you want to have working on your screen. Purchase these on this page or separately as needed.
  • OBD-II options: we recommend OBD-II connections for CAN-BUS enabled vehicles (all US made vehicles made after 2007 and those before 2007 on this list) as pre-2008 OBD-II communication is very slow. OBD-II also provides limited information, which includes RPM, Speed, coolant temp, MAP (boost), and fuel trims, mass air flow, and intake temp. For more info, please visit our All About OBD-II page.
  • CAN BUS for aftermarket ECUs: for a full compatibility list visit
  • Holley EFI: Support for all Holley EFI setups with a plug and play connector included; provides by default RPM, AFR, coolant temp, intake temp, MAP (boost), and fuel and oil pressure (when available). Other readings can be added upon request.
  • Fitech EFI: Support for all Fitech EFI setups with a plug and play connector included; provides RPM, AFR, coolant temp, intake temp, cylinder temp, MAP (boost) by default with other readings optional.

Screen Options:

  • Android Phone/Tablet setups: All OneGauge setups include the ability to connect to an Android phone, tablet, or android head unit to display sensor readings on either Torque Pro or RealDash. These apps allow you to completely customize your dash design and layout, integrate maps or dash-cams, datalog, and much more! Phone/Tablet installs are best for those who don’t want to modify their dash but want access to more than stock gauges.
  • LCD touchscreens are the most versatile and customizable display option we offer. These screens have a more professional and permanent appearance and are ideal for instrument clusters or center consoles. LCD touchscreens offer options such as on-screen buttons to control vehicle accessories via relays or LED lighting options for your screen bezels so you can add lights for turn signals, gauges, or warning lights.
  • PiDash screens, available at PiDashs.comallow you to use any HDMI-based screen for your OneGauge system! This also opens up options for on-screen customization of your gauge design, wider screens of different sizes and shapes, backup cameras, audio/radio control, and much more. Visit the PiDash website to browse their options and screen sizes available with their kits.