The OneGauge LCD Housing and Mount offers a way to mount a 7″ LCD touchscreen in any vehicle! 

These housings are compatible with our standard 7″ LCD touchscreens, with screen design demos available here- The main screen housing, not including the mount, is 8″ wide x 5″ tall x 1.25″ deep. The housing includes three holes that attach it to the mount and hold the 3/8″ bolts (included) for easy assembly. The mount itself has a 4″x 2″ base and, when mounted on a surface perpendicular to the screen, can be rotated 120 degrees up and 20 degrees down.  Since the orientation of the screen design can be rotated, the housing can be mounted upside-down or on its side as well. You can purchase the housing without the mount if you prefer to fabricate your own mounting solution for your vehicle.

The housing and mounts come in standard black. All required hardware (3x 3/8″ bolts and nuts for housing to mount and 1x 3/8″ bolt and nut for mount rotation) is included.  No holes are drilled in the mount base so that the user can determine how best to mount the screen. An additional hole will need to be drilled, as determined by the user, for screen wiring to exit the housing.

Please note that all housing/mount products are 3D printed and may have texture or imperfections associated with the 3D printing process. The products can easily be sanded and painted to match a desired texture. 

Note: LCD screen not included! Please see our screen kits for this option.

For questions, please reach out to!