OneGauge Hub – Custom Kit Builder


Build your own OneGauge Kit here! Please read the description below before purchase.



The Sensor Hub is the “brain” of the OneGauge system. All the wiring is included for each sensor, and sensors connect to the Hub via screw terminals for easy installation. The Hub uses Bluetooth-based communication to transmit the data either to your phone/tablet, your selected display, or both.

For questions or information about specific sensors, view our Sensor page or the Sensor List PDF. 

Please allow 4-8 weeks for production and shipping of each OneGauge Hub. Each is made to order and tested before shipping. Thank you!

Included with the purchase of each OneGuage Hub:
1 OneGauge Hub unit
1 ABS plastic housing with pre-drilled holes for wiring
2 Power Wires- one (+), one ground
1 Bluetooth module for communication with a phone or tablet

Included with the purchase of each Sensor:
1 Selected sensor
All required wiring
Some sensors also include hose tees or adapters. See product details for more information.

OneGauge Hub Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 12-15v ideal, up to 25v max

Standard configuration (produced by default unless customer contacts us with requests):
Maximum number of sensors by type:

  • 3 Analog Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Analog Pressure Sensor
  • 2 Fuel Level Inputs (must be programmed at time of purchase)
  • 7 Digital Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Manifold Vacuum/Boost Sensor (3 bar max)
  • 5 Pressure Sensors (1x 30 PSI max, 1x 100PSI max, 3x 200PSI max)
  • 1 Air/Fuel Ratio (Oxygen) Sensor
  • 1 Battery Voltage Sensor + 2 Other Voltage Sensors
  • 1 Fuel Flow Sensor
  • 1 Tachometer/RPM Signal Input
  • High Temperature Sensors (EGT) are added only if purchased.