Kit Details

These pre-built kits are designed to work with a single Android tablet or smartphone and provide data using the Torque app or RealDash apps. These setups can also connect directly to a PiDash setup, but please notify us if you plan to use this feature.

Sensor Kits:

Basic Sensor Kit – $100: 

  • Analog Temperature sensor (1/8″ NPT, ideal for coolant, oil, or transmission fluid temps up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Digital Oil pressure sensor (3/8″ NPT)
  • Vacuum/Boost sensor (up to 30 PSI)

Advanced Sensor Kit – $175

  • All sensors listed in the Basic Kit above
  • Additional Temperature sensor (1/8″ NPT)
  • Fuel pressure sensor** (1/4″ NPT, please contact us with the PSI rating required)
  • Ambient Temperature sensor


The Sensor Hub is the “brain” of the OneGauge system. All the wiring is included for each sensor, and sensors connect to the Hub via screw terminals for easy installation. The Hub uses Bluetooth-based communication to transmit the data either to your phone/tablet, your selected display, or both.

A standard hub supports 3 analog temp sensors, 2 fuel level sensors, 1 analog pressure sensor, 5 digital pressure sensors (including vacuum/boost), 2 oxygen sensors, 3 voltage inputs, 1 RPM/tach input, 8 high temperature sensors, and various other optional features like a GPS speedometer, accelerometer for vehicle roll/tile or g-force readings, SD card data logging, a permanent storage device for Odometer/trip/hour readings, CAN-BUS communication with various devices like TPMS systems, 2 LCD screen outputs, and more. All of these can be custom configured when order to suit your needs.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping of any OneGauge Hub. These units are made-to-order, customized, and tested. 

Included with the purchase of each OneGuage Hub:
1 OneGauge Hub unit
1 ABS plastic housing
2 Power Wires- one positive (+), one ground
1 Bluetooth module for communication with a phone or tablet

Included with the purchase of each Sensor:
1x Selected sensor
All required wiring and quick connect for easy sensor to hub connection
Some sensors also include hose tees or adapters. See product details for more information.

OneGauge Hub Specifications:
Operating Voltage- 12-15v ideal, potentially up to 25v


**Fuel pressure sensors are not warrantied. Heavy Duty fuel pressure sensors are available as an optional upgrade.