Fitech LCD Screen Kit


Plug and play compatibility with Fitech EFI systems. Click on the photos or scroll down to learn more!



Looking to add an attractive gauge screen to your Fitech setup? OneGauge now supports FiTech connections. This plug and play option makes adding gauges to your Fitech EFI a breeze!

This kit includes the following, plus any accessories added as optional purchases:

  • OneGauge Hub, ABS plastic case, and power wiring
  • 7″ LCD screen pre-loaded with all current OneGauge themes (see
  • Bluetooth connection for use with Android devices (connects directly to Torque Pro or RealDash)
  • A splitter is included so that you can use your handheld and the OneGauge screen at the same time!

Fitech compatibility can also be added to any of our vehicle specific kits.


Fitech Notes:

  • OneGauge supports all of the gauges listed on your Fitech “Dashboard” screen.
  • You will still use your handheld to make changes to the system and tune your Fitech setup.
  • The handheld connection is required for OneGauge to receive data. The handheld sends a unique code to the ECU that begins data transmission. In order to ‘wake up’ the ecu, the main Fitech handheld button must be pushed to open the ‘Dashboard’ and begin communication.
    • There is an easy option to automate this that would allow you to store the Fitech handheld out of sight. OneGauge will provide a start wire that will automatically start communication with the handheld without having to push the button. The handheld must be opened and the wire provided by OneGauge is soldered to the circled button terminal next to the screen. We are happy to do this for if you mail us your handheld.


OneGauge Digital Gauges offer the most versatility of any digital gauge system:
  • 25+ analog and digital inputs, pre-programmed to work with an ever-growing list of sensors; perfect for carbureted or pre-OBD-II engines
  • Screw terminals with labels and instructions allow for easy sensor addition or removal at any time
  • Optional OBD-II options for all OBD-II enabled vehicles and/or CAN-BUS communication for aftermarket EFI kits or standalone ECU’s
  • Temperature, pressure, vacuum/boost, oxygen, GPS speedometer, odometer, tachometer, voltage, fuel level, roll/tilt, TPMS, and more sensors available
  • OneGauge grows with your vehicle- move it from one vehicle to another, even with different engine types, with optional upgrades that can be added at any time
See your gauges your way:
  • Bluetooth compatibility with Android devices using Torque Pro or RealDash; no need to modify your vehicle, optional Apple device support
  • Our 7″ and 10″ high-contrast LCD touchscreens offer tons of pre-installed designs or design your own screen from scratch; other sizes available for custom builds
  • Superbright screens available for off-road, convertible, boat, or other high-sunlight applications
  • Compatible with PiDash screens, offering round and wide-screen display options
Expand your system to do more than just gauges:
  • Control vehicle accessories or electronics with relay packages to trigger fans, lights, fuel pumps, or any other electronic device
  • Lap timing and distance timing (1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60) standard with GPS speedometer
  • Optional alarms, shift lights (on screen or separate LEDs) and more
  • Data log using your phone or tablet, or save data to an SD card for later analysis
  • Nearly unlimited capability for digital inputs and outputs to add indicators
Screen mounting options for any vehicle:
  • Drive a classic vehicle? No need to modify your dash – options available for mounting phones, tablets, and LCD screens
  • Build your own dash using our pre-cut products, or let us build you a custom cluster; options available from 3D printed clusters to custom cluster building services
1-on-1 Customer service and reliable products
  • We stand by all of our products, offering at least a 90-day warranty on OneGauge parts
  • Quick and easy customer support for any and all installation and purchasing questions
  • Our products are ‘right to repair’ friendly- easy to work on and repair should the need arise
As always- reach out to us at with any questions about our products!


Not sure what to expect from OneGauge? Here’s an unboxing and explanation of our products. Recommend viewing before purchase.



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