The OneGauge Pre-Built kits offer less expensive kits for those who are looking for fewer options for customization.
These kits are typically ready to ship unless additional options are added such as a tachometer adapter.
Diesel kits provide Speedometer, RPM, fuel level, voltage, coolant temperature, oil pressure, additional temperature (oil or transmission), boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature, fuel pressure, ambient air temperature, odometer, turn signals, and 3 indicator readings on your selected screen.
This kit includes:
  • OneGauge Hub –  The central hub that connects to all of your sensors, encased in a 3D printed enclosure
    • Fuel level, voltage, turn signals, and 3 indicator inputs (12v triggered), and a tachometer (RPM) input is included in every setup. A tachometer adapter may be required and can be purchased separately, please see the installation instructions.
  • Power wires (6ft/2m)
  • Bluetooth connection to an Android Device – connects to Torque Pro or RealDash apps on any android device (device not included)
  • GPS speedometer that provides speed, compass, and altitude.
  • Odometer reading to track vehicle mileage.
  • All other features of the OneGauge system including gear calculations, programmable fuel level input, user defined thresholds for warning indicators, adjustable screen brightness, fuel efficiency tracking, lap and distance timing (1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60), and more.
Diesel Kit Sensor Contents:
  • Coolant Temperature sensor (1/8″ NPT) and 6ft wire
  • Additional (oil or transmission) Temperature sensor (1/8″ NPT) and 6ft wire
  • Oil Pressure sensor (1/8″ NPT) and 6ft harness
  • Fuel Pressure sensor (1/8″ NPT) and 6ft harness
  • Boost Sensor (1/8″ NPT, up to 100 PSI) and 6ft harness
  • Ambient air temp sensor (1/8″ probe) and 6ft harness; can be used for intake temperature
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor (1/8″ open tip probe) and 6ft wiring
Please note that no customization services are offered with our Pre-Built kits. Any requested modifications, such as the addition of sensors, will be charged an hourly programming/design rate – please contact us at for a quote.
Our pre-built differ from our standard custom kits in the following ways:
  • We do not include any free adjustments or modifications the sensors included or the designs of the screens. All requested modifications, whether at time of purchase or in the future, will be billed at our hourly programming/design rate. If you plan to modify and upgrade the system over time we recommend building a custom OneGauge kit.
  • 90 day warranty on all parts (from date of arrival). Please test the unit when it arrives if you do not plan to install immediately. Like all products, customer support is provided at no charge.