Select options above. Please ensure that you select right components and accessories for the screen size you choose! Not all mounts and bezels are available for all screen sizes.

All OneGauge Hub purchases include a free Bluetooth connection to a single Android phone or tablet using the Torque or RealDash apps. If you wish to only use this form of screen, no purchase on this page is necessary. The Bluetooth connection can be used at the same time, as a second screen, with any other screen option.

Bare LCD Screen – mounts using the 4 screw holes, one on each corner

Ready to Mount cases/bezels made by the screen manufacturer

OneGauge Hub and 7 inch Display

7″ and 10″ LCD Housing and Mount (Black color standard)

7″ Holley Style mount- matches dimensions and mounting characteristics of the Holley 7″ screen

Plastic ABS pre-cut bezels