Additional OneGauge options:

Relays allow the user to manually or automatically toggle electronics on or off. They work with any of our screen options, though RealDash is required if you use a phone or tablet setup. Let us know if you need any of the switches set as momentary triggers. Please see the video below for a demonstration and explanation!

Gear Selector Indicator: 

The Dakota Digital GSS-3000 provides a way to show the transmission gear selector on screen. Please check the Dakota Digital page for compatibility and instructions. 

High Temp/Exhaust Temp sensors: 

Exhaust Gas Temp sensors or high temperature sensors are optionally added to any setup. The standard circuit board has 2 EGT slots, but with an optional expansion module an additional 6 (for a total of 8) EGTs or high temp sensors can be added. Please reach out for a custom quote if more than 8 EGTs are needed.  A 1/8″ NPT k-type thermocouple with a 6 foot lead is included with each EGT purchased.

Tire Pressure Monitoring:

Our Tire Pressure Monitoring option allows pressure, temperature, and battery voltage monitoring for each tire that the system is installed on. Screw on style sensors screw onto the valve stem and allow easy installation of the sensors on standard size valve stems. The battery lasts around a year and can easily be replaced by disassembling the sensor.
The valve stem replacement option would require installation when the tire is mounted, though battery life is typically longer on these sensors. Sensors should be located within approx. 20 ft. of the main OneGauge kit to ensure good connections. TPMS systems may require special ordering and can add additional lead time to orders.