Links to products that work with OneGauge (best viewed on Desktop or large-screen tablet): 

Products in these links are designed to be compatible with OneGauge. If you purchase other products, please contact OneGauge before purchase to ensure compatibility. If you find a dead link or a product has been removed from a website, please let us know – Thanks!

Product – Click for Link Details Estimated Price
OneGauge Circuit Board Purchased from OneGauge $250
Arduino Mega 2560 Computer that runs OneGauge $16
Hub Box – ABS Plastic Protective housing for OneGauge Circuit Board and Arduino $11
Data Input Components
(Require Soldering)
CAN-BUS Module Required for direct OBD-II connection, CAN-BUS communication, and Apple Device support $5
Male OBD-II Cable Required for direct OBD-II connection $10
Paired OBD-II and Bluetooth Modules Required for wireless OBD-II connections $100
Odometer Module Provides odometer readings when used with GPS Speedometer $12
Accelerometer Module Provides vehicle roll/tilt or g-force readings $5
SD Card Module Enables SD Card data logging – please contact OneGauge for programming $15
Relays (10 amp max each) – 8 relays Used to turn vehicle electronics on/off; please confirm compatibility with your screen before purchasing $10
Relays (30 amp max each) – 4 relays Used to turn vehicle electronics on/off; please confirm compatibility with your screen before purchasing $15
High Temperature Modules (each) Required for high temperature, k-type thermocouple compatibility. Up to 8 can be installed on a single OneGauge Hub $10
Screens Column 2 Value 14 Column 3 Value 14
Nextion Screens OneGauge offers support for 7″ and 10″ Intelligent models. All other models with require custom programming/design by OneGauge or the customer. Resistive touch recommended. $80-$125
PiDash System of products used to connect OneGauge to a Raspberry Pi running TunerStudio $200-$500
External Sensors
(No Soldering Required – Uses Screw Terminals)
Analog Temp Sensor 3/8″, Standard Motor Products TS58 $10
Analog Temp Sensor 1/8″, Autometer 2259 $20
Analog Pressure Sensor 1/4″, Standard Motor Products PS60 $20
MAP Pressure Sensor Manifold Vacuum/Boost up to 30 PSI $20
Digital Pressure Sensors Various Pressure Ratings $25
Digital Oil Pressure Sensor Digital Oil Pressure sensor – D1846A $20
Oxygen Sensor Spartan Oxygen Controller and Bosch O2 Sensor $125
Digital Temperature Sensors (5 pack) DS18B20 Sensor – 3 meter (9ft) cable length $16
Compression fittings for Digital Temp Sensors Add threads to a digital temperature sensor – use 1/4″ bore-through compression fitting $8
Tachometer Interface Universal tachometer interface- please ensure compatibility with Tachometer instructions $60
Dakota Digital Tachometer Module  Dakota Digital tachometer module- please ensure compatibility with Tachometer instructions $100
Heavy Duty Digital Pressure Sensors More durable digital pressure sensors $50+
Heavy Duty Fuel Pressure Sensors Durable digital pressure sensors recommended for fuel exposure $100+
Digital Pressure Sensor Harness Harness/Pigtail for digital pressure sensors $10
Diesel Tachometer  Uses an alternator pickup – Autometer 9112- please ensure compatibility with Tachometer instructions $100