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Turn Signals and Indicators

OneGauge hubs include 5 terminals designated as 12v inputs for turn signals and on screen indicator lights. The hub’s analog terminals (A1-A6) can also be custom configured for ground based indicators, such as parking brake, by request.

Indicator Terminals (I1-I5)

  • These terminals provide inputs for 12-15v signals that can illuminate on screen indicators.
  • I1, I2, and I3 are used as 12v indicator inputs. You can customize what light comes on when each is triggered by using the setup menu on the OneGauge LCD screen (see Appendix D and the Indicator setup screen for instructions).
  • I4 is set as the left turn signal indicator and I5 as the right turn signal indicator.
    • Some vehicles have lower voltage turn signals that may delay triggering the turn signals on the screen if voltage is too low. In this case, you can move the left turn signal wire to terminal C1 and the right turn signal wire to terminal C2. Use the Other Settings menu (see Appendix D for instructions) to change “Turn Signal In” from 0 to 1 and your turn signals should be more responsive.

It is important to note that voltage should never be sent through the turn signal or indicator terminals/inputs unless the OneGauge is powered on. Turning on a turn signal, for example, and sending voltage through the hub without the hub being powered on will likely damage the hub’s computer. While this is an inexpensive fix ($20), it’s best to avoid frying the computer if possible!

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