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Transmission/Gear Options

OneGauge offers solutions for gear or gear lever position for both automatic and manual transmissions.

Manual Transmissions:

All OneGauge products can calculate current gear based on RPM, Speed, and transmission/rear end ratios. These ratios can be programmed into the OneGauge using a standard LCD screen, but if another screen type is being used please reach out to OneGauge to have them programmed through an update.

Automatic Transmissions:

  • OneGauge currently uses the hardware from a Dakota Digital GSS3000 unit that installs a small device on the transmission to read the position of the shifter lever in order to display a “PRNDL” reading on the dash. This is an option upgrade for those with automatic transmissions.
  • To physically install the hardware, please refer to the instructions provided by Dakota Digital.
  • The following steps are taken to calibrate the setup if you’re using an LCD Screen:
    • Navigate to the Transmission setup screen (Touch top left corner of any gauge screen, then ‘setup’ menu) and select Trans Position Setup. Touch ‘Turn On’ to enable this feature.
    • After the Dakota hardware has been installed (picture below) and the three wires are connected, the unit will provide a voltage reading that is displayed above “Auto Trans On”. The reading at the top left of the screen shows the current gear.
    • As you shift the lever through the various position you should see this voltage number change.
    • For each gear, put the transmission in that gear and allow the voltage reading to settle, then click ‘set’. Move the lever through each gear, pushing ‘set’ for each. For any gear that is not present on your transmission, leave it at ‘0’.
    • When you’re done, ensure that the gear reading is correct for each gear. If you have any trouble, please reach out to us at!

Customers using an android tablet or Pidash setup will need to measure the voltage on the input terminal (green wire) of their GSS3000 module to determine the voltage for each gear so it can be programmed manually.

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