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Temperature Gauges

OneGauge supports both analog and digital style temperature sensors. Analog sensors are OEM style, 1 or 2-wire sensors that provide reliable data but are slower to update than digital sensors. We recommend analog sensors for most fluid measurements, such as coolant, oil, or transmission fluid temps. Digital sensors are 3 wire sensors that react faster to temperature changes, but are more sensitive and susceptible to electrical noise. We often recommend digital sensors for ambient air or intake air temperatures.
Temperature readings can be display in Celsius or Fahrenheit as requested by the customer.

Analog Temp Sensors (A1-A3)

A standard V3 hub includes 3 analog inputs and 4 digital inputs for temperature, but more analog pins can be configured to read temperature when requested.

  • A1, A2, and A3 are programmed specifically to work with Autometer 2258/2259 temperature sensors. A1 is coolant temperature, A2 is oil temperature, and A3 provides transmission temperature readings.
  • These are one-wire sensors that ground through the threads, so please ensure that no thread tape is used when installing the sensor.

Digital Temperature Sensors (D1-D4)

  • These terminals are set up to read DS18B20 sensors, a commonly available and very accurate digital sensor. This type of sensor is typically available in probe-style, unthreaded varieties, but we offer threaded options as well.
  • D1 is ambient air temp, D2 intake temp, D3 vent or cab temp, and D4 a digital coolant temp or additional temp option.
  • Like digital pressure sensors, these require 5v power and Ground (-), so the terminals on the Hub can be used for this purpose.
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