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Tachometer (RPM)

OneGauge offers multiple methods to get a tachometer/rpm reading on your dash. Due to the wide variety of tachometer signals that come from different vehicles and engines, we work partners who make various tachometer adapters to ensure that the tach signal is compatible with OneGauge.
The OneGauge V3 hub includes 2 tachometer inputs (the 2nd can be used for driveshaft speed, VSS input, etc). A prebuilt, V4 hub only includes 1 input.

Please review our Tachometer instructions for details on adapters, setup, and troubleshooting.

RPM Terminals

  • These two screw terminals offer tachometer, speedometer, or other rotational speed measurement inputs.
  • RPM1 is the primary tachometer input screw terminal. Use this for a standard tachometer reading.
  • RPM2 provides an input for a pulse-based electronic speedometer or an additional driveshaft or other speed reading. Please reach out to OneGauge to ensure the unit is programmed according to your needs.
  • Tachometer installation is detailed in Appendix C. It is the customer’s responsibility to find a tachometer solution that is appropriate for their vehicle.
  • These two terminals are voltage protected and typically require 7+ volts to trigger a signal. OneGauge offers a variety of tachometer options to work with any engine, so please see the Tachometer Instructions for more information.
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