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Service and Warranty

At OneGauge we treat our customers how we would like to be treated. We stand by our products and work closely with customers that have installation questions. As with any electronics, failures do happen, and we replace or repair products with build defects. We are also happy to provide customer service, and you’ll get the best response if you email us ( or message us on our Facebook page ( While we do phone calls on a limited basis we have found it much easier to troubleshoot by email where pictures or videos can be provided when required.
Currently our warranty covers any product defects found within 90 days, but we have repaired or replaced units after well beyond this period. Like we said- delivering a quality product is our highest priority and we stand by what we build. Please note that the warranty does not cover installation error, so please review the instructions and, if in doubt, ask first!

As a small business, we also ask for respect from our customers. Please plan plenty of installation time prior to a major event or deadline and be respectful when requesting help and service. We do our best to provide thorough instructions on the FAQs and Wiki section of the website but are happy to help with any questions.

For the ‘fine print’ of our warranty and service info, please view our purchase terms and conditions.

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