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Phone/Tablet Options

OneGauge includes a free Bluetooth connection to Android devices and connects to either the Torque Pro or RealDash app. This is an affordable, easy, and customizable way to view your gauges. We often recommend phone/tablet setups for customers or on a budget or who don’t want to modify their factory dash. Both apps are easily customizable so you can select what gauges you want to see, resize and design them, and adjust the layout of the dash. Datalogging is also included in both apps, and many other features are also possible such as camera and map overlays. A phone/tablet connection can be used at any time, including when an LCD or Pidash screen is also being used. By request OneGauge can add hardware to connect to a 2nd Android device as well. Android head units, which install in place of a factory stereo, are also often a great way to view your gauges.

OneGauge recommends users start with Torque Pro due to the simplicity and ease of setup. RealDash is much more complex but offers more ability to customize the look of the dash. RealDash is required for customers who want to use on screen buttons/relays. Realdash offers a Bluetooth (wireless) option as well as a wired USB cable option for connections; if you plan to use Bluetooth please let us know so we can turn on the correct configuration. See instructions below for an overview of setting up your Bluetooth device.

Currently Apple devices are not supported due to the cost of adding the hardware required to communicate with Apple/iPhone products and the slow communication that results. It is usually less expensive to purchase an Android device, and the overall result is better!

Brief instructions – please see the full instruction manual on for full instructions.

  1. Connect the device to the OneGauge using your device’s bluetooth menu. The password or pin is “1234”, and the connection is called “OneGauge”.
  2. In Torque Pro, navigate to the settings menu in the lower left corner and set the OneGauge connection as the bluetooth connection. Once this is done it is usually best to exit the app and restart it. Then you can open the ‘Realtime Gauges’ screen. After receiving the “Connected OK” message in the top left corner data should start becoming available. Please note – you will need to create new gauges by touching and holding on the screen. The default gauges WILL NOT work. When you create a new gauge, a gauge list pops up and all OneGauge data begins with a “.”. For example, “.RPM” or “.CoolantTemp” are OneGauge readings, but the default RPM and Engine Coolant Temp readings will not receive OneGauge data.
  3. In Realdash, open the app and touch at the top of the screen. A menu will come down that allows you to access the Garage. In the garage touch the vehicle’s dash, use “Adapters (CAN/LIN)” then select “RealDash Can”. For bluetooth setups select the Bluetooth connection to OneGauge. For wired setups (you’ll need a USB-B cable that connects to your device), select Serial/USB then set the baud rate to 115200. You will need to download the RealDash Config File here to your device and use that as your Can Description File. Please note: RealDash is turned off by default in all OneGauge units. If you plan to use Realdash please let us know when ordering or request a code update from us at
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