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OBD-II Sensors/Gauges

There is a long list of sensor data that is transmitted by OBD-II, but this varies by year, make, model, and engine. RPM, Coolant Temp, MAP (boost/vacuum), IAT, fuel trim (short and long term), TPS, and MAF are standard, but most vehicles transmit much more information. We can only guarantee that the readings in the previous list are transmitted to OneGauge; since other sensors often require manufacturer- or engine-specific codes (called PIDs) to be able to read the data, it can be difficult to access these readings (examples include Oil Pressure and Fuel Level). Other companies and apps that develop gauges typically pay expensive licensing fees to the major auto manufacturers for the rights to these codes, though they can occasionally be found on the internet. We have had some success in getting GM and Ford specific PIDs to work, but these are not guaranteed since they can vary by year/engine/make/model.
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