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LCD Screen Options

The most popular option for our customers is what we call OneGauge LCD screens. These touchscreens come in a variety of sizes, but our most popular are our 7″ and 10″ screens (click here for screen and housing dimensions). Our LCD’s come pre-programmed with a huge variety of designs (currently nearly 50 variations, see for photos or the video below) and the user can change between them at will and set one as a default/home screen. Screen designs can be customized by the user or OneGauge and easily updated through an SD card port on the back of the screen, and some screens have the ability for basic adjustment using the screen itself to select which gauges are displayed. Various mounting options, from vehicle specific to universal mounts, are available for purchase with custom options possible as well. OneGauge LCDs are wired to the hub and power on/off with the main hub power and nearly instant boot time for single screen setups. Screens include menus to change your setup and adjust any settings needed.

OneGauge uses Nextion brand LCD touchscreens as our standard touchscreen LCD option. A standard OneGauge LCD Screen requires very little setup and offer many options to customize your OneGauge setup. For information on these settings and the various screens and menus available, see the LCD Screen Setup section. When you purchase your LCD screen from OneGauge it comes pre-programmed and ready to use.

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