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How Can Bus Works

A CAN BUS connection is one of the fastest and most effective ways for OneGauge to get data. CAN BUS offers two-way communication to and from your engine computer. While CAN BUS is the method of communication, many manufacturer’s use a different ‘language’ of communication called the CAN BUS protocol.

Many manufacturers release the CAN BUS protocol so that screens and accessories can work with their ECUs. Many also add the option to use computer software ware to program the ECU and add a custom CAN BUS protocol. Some manufacturers do not provide this information, however, so that you must purchase their own screens and accessories.

If your ECU allows custom CAN BUS settings, OneGauge has a standard CAN BUS protocol that you can use to setup your connection yourself. Please refer to the OneGauge CAN BUS document available at for all of the details and settings you’ll need to setup up communication with your ECU.

If your ECU does not allow custom CAN BUS setup but does provide the CAN BUS protocol, you will need to provide this protocol to OneGauge for custom programming. Depending on the complexity and time involved there may be an additional fee for custom programming your protocol. Please note that for custom programming, some testing by the user may be involved if OneGauge does not have access to your ECU.

Once your protocol is programmed and you’ve received your OneGauge Hub, installation is very easy. Use the screw terminals on the module to connect the two CAN BUS communication wires- one labeled “H” for high and the other “L” for low. Follow the instructions for your ECU to enable and setup the CAN BUS communication as necessary and you should be ready to see your gauges!

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