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Holley EFIs

OneGauge uses Can Bus to communicate with Holley ECUs. We use Holley’s unique protocol, not the Racepak protocol, to allow OneGauge to communicate with any Holley ECU.

  • OneGauge uses a plug-and-play connection to read the data sent by the ECU to the 3.5″ Holley handheld. Your handheld will still work as normal when OneGauge is connected. OneGauge works with all Holley ECUs, including Snipers. Holley compatibility can be added to any kit or unit.
  • OneGauge currently reads RPM, Coolant Temp, MAP (and boost/vacuum), IAT, TPS, AFR on all Holley products. Oil and Fuel Pressure, Speed, and Transmission (line) pressure and temp are also available for ECUs that support these sensors. Other readings coming from the Holley can be added by request, but please reach out to confirm before ordering.
  • For OneGauge products purchased with Holley compatibility, a Y-cable is included that uses the same connectors as the Holley Can Bus connectors used to connect your handheld, laptop, or other device. This Y-Cable has two female ends; one has been removed and two wires inserted that run to the OneGauge, and the other female end is open so that your default Holley device, such as your handheld, can continue to be used.
    • Please note that Holley has special instructions about the use of Y-Cables. Y-Cables are not intended for use when updating the system. Please see Holley instructions for details.
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