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Fuel Level

Screw terminal A4 is used as the fuel level input.

  • To read your vehicle’s fuel level, your vehicle should have an in-tank sender or float that changes resistance as fuel level changes. These senders typically have two wires. One should be grounded, and the other attached to the assigned Fuel Level terminal. Please ensure that the vehicle is not also sending voltage through any of these wires. The Fuel sender should be connected only to the OneGauge and not to the vehicle except to ground.

The OneGauge hub can be calibrated to any fuel sender’s resistance range. If you purchased a Standard LCD touchscreen from OneGauge you can program the resistance yourself through the setup menu (touch in the top left corner of the screen). Otherwise, please provide the resistance of the sender at full and empty when you purchase your unit so it can be programmed appropriately, or contact OneGauge to receive a code update with the correct resistances pre-programmed.

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