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EGT or High Temp Sensors

Inputs for EGT’s or High Temperature sensors can be added to the OneGauge hub to accept K-type thermocouple sensors. Since k-type thermocouples are universal, any can be used, and they come in various sizes and shapes, from probe-style threaded sensors to ring-terminal style sensors that attach to a bolt or spark plug (for cylinder head temperature). Please note that customers may choose to use or purchase their own K-type thermocouples, but there will still be a charge to add the modules required to connect the sensor to the hub.

These are most commonly used in diesel engines for Exhaust Gas temperature. K-type thermocouple probes typically measure up to 2000 degrees F (or 1200 degrees C).

Standard (V3) OneGauge hubs can have two EGT modules added to accept two sensors. For additional sensors, OneGauge recommends the 8 Channel Can Bus EGT option sold by ECUMaster.

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