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Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR or Lambda)

OneGauge can support any air/fuel ratio sensor and controller that provides a 0-5v analog output. We recommend Spartan brand controllers (with a Bosch sensor) but we support a number of others including AEM, Innovate, Wideband WB-1, Daytona, Ballenger, LD Performance, and more.

Ports B6 and B7 provide AFR and AFR2 readings, respectively. These are programmed to work with the output of a Spartan Oxygen Sensor by default, but we support any AFR controller with a 0-5v analog output.

Installation – Please read!

Oxygen sensors install into a bung that must be welded onto your exhaust in an appropriate location, which depends on your vehicle and exhaust configuration. Please consult an exhaust specialist if you need this work done and are not confident doing it yourself.

  • The OneGauge oxygen sensor setup accepts analog (0-5 volts) from a variety of oxygen sensor controllers. It is necessary that the controller be powered independent of your OneGauge setup. The controller needs to be powered anytime the vehicle is running to regulate the oxygen sensor, while the OneGauge setup can be switched on off. To ensure that damage does not occur to your oxygen sensor, please ensure that the unit is always powered when the vehicle is running.

When your AFR/Oxygen sensor arrives it will likely only have a ground and signal connection. It is the user’s responsibility to provide power to the controller through the supplied wiring and ensure that the controller is ALWAYS on when the vehicle is running. Because the OneGauge maybe triggered on and off during running we recommend a separate, ‘always on’ connection. Please see provided instructions for the Oxygen Sensor/Controller that was included in your kit to reference wiring colors and recommendations from the manufacturer.

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