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About the Business

OneGauge started in 2017 with the intention of providing more data to vehicles without ECUs. As more and more options came to the market for OBD-II equipped vehicles, we asked ourselves- wouldn’t it be cool to offer some of those gauges for carbureted vehicles as well? OneGauge started as a simple way to get a variety of gauges on your phone or tablet. After requests for a more permanent solution we added our LCD screen capabilities, then eventually worked with Pidash to allow our customers to use an even greater variety of screens.

The hardware we develop has gone through 4 main designs, from a very large circuit board design to one that was too small and limited. We’ve now settled on a design that works for 99% of customers and can easily modify it for the remaining 1%.

At OneGauge we strive to solve the needs of our customers by providing affordable gauges that are reliable and accurate. We are always willing to work with customers on price to find a kit that works with their budget. We’ve developed our products to be easily replaceable in case of accidental damage and simple to upgrade and modify for future use!

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