Learn about OneGauge display options.

There are currently three main ways to view the sensor readings collected by the OneGuage Hub.

  1. The simplest method uses Android app called Torque to display data.  Check out the app here on Google play or read an in-depth review with a list of features here.
  2. A second way to view data works on any device (Apple, Android, PC, or MAC) and sends data through an OBDII port, just like modern vehicles.  You can use off-the-shelf OBDII adapters to send the data to a phone, tablet, or computer.
  3. A third way is to use one or more dedicated OneGauge LCD touch-screens. These screens have a more professional and permanent appearance and are ideal for instrument clusters or center consoles. LCD screens are customizable and can be designed using a variety of gauge styles and layouts and can included like on-screen buttons to control vehicle accessories.

To see examples of different types of screens, check out our Examples page.


Check out our Examples page for demos of the different types of displays.

Bluetooth Displays

A great option for either removable or permanent displays. 

Dedicated Displays

Can be installed as a permanent display or replacement instrument cluster.