Looking for a some help as you order a OneGauge setup? Or want a custom display design, OneGauge Hub, or other product created for your vehicle using the OneGauge Hub and Screens?

Please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you with with an estimate as soon as we are able.

Customization Rates:
Please note that many setups do not require any customization fees. 
-Custom LCD Screen design – Rates vary widely based on the level to which the screen is customized. Simple rearrangement or deletion of sensors from standard OneGauge LCD designs is usually inexpensive (starting at $50). If you want to design your own gauge styles, the gauges must be designed by a graphic designer, animated and then programmed. Please request a quote below for more information.
-Other Products/Services – $50+ per hour. Please request a quote below for more information.
-New Code Update – May be required if the OneGauge Hub is re-programmed to use custom sensors or other settings – typically $30 but can be higher for complex updates.