Terms and Conditions:

PRE BUILT KITS: 90 day warranty from the date of arrival to the customer. Please test the unit upon arrival. Returns are allowed within the 90 day warranty period. A minimum 20% restock fee will be applied to all returns (in addition to any non-refundable credit card/paypal fees), and return shipping is the customer’s responsibility. All products must be returned in new condition or additional fees will be incurred. Customer must receive return approval prior to shipping the returned product and shipping insurance on the return is highly recommended (any damage or lost products are the customer’s responsibility).

CUSTOM BUILT ONEGAUGE PRODUCTS: All sales are final. We stand by the quality of our products, test each unit before shipping, and guarantee that they will work as advertised. If you are not satisfied or have any questions about installation, please reach out to us with questions! See below for warranty and other information.

Please contact OneGauge with any questions BEFORE purchase to ensure your expectations are met. Please note that this is a DIY product; some assembly, customization, brain power, and creativity may be required! We don’t build “plug and play” products at OneGauge, so some minimal wiring will be required to provide power and basic signals to the unit. As stated below, it is strongly recommended to read the instructions before purchase to get familiar with the installation.

-Check your order. If it’s not listed on the receipt or invoice, it won’t be included with the purchase.

-We don’t guarantee build or delivery times, but provide the best estimate we can of when you’ll get your product. If this is an issue, contact us BEFORE ordering. Rush orders will incur additional fees.

Read the instructions before buying. They are all listed on TheOneGauge.com/FAQs. Pay special attention to the tachometer instructions as the customer is responsible for finding the best tachometer solution for their vehicle. We do not accept returns on tachometer products if the wrong product was selected.

-Hiring an Installer: Some customers decide to hire an installer to complete any wiring and setup. Before you do this, please make sure the installer has read all of the OneGauge instructions and has viewed our videos on YouTube, as well as consulted our Knowledge Hub. Without this information, the installer is prone to causing damage to the hardware and may take much longer to install than expected (which would then fall on you to reimburse them for their time). OneGauge is not responsible for the actions of third-party installers. OneGauge is a part-time business without a full-time support office, but we make an effort to respond within 24-48 hours to all emails and we prioritize important support questions. OneGauge is not responsible for reimbursing you or your hired installer for unexpected labor or parts. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that ANYONE who touches their OneGauge product has had the proper product education to ensure an effective installation. There are many videos and knowledge articles on our website and YouTube that the customer and their installer should consult with BEFORE attempting the install. We are happy to provide support as fast as we possibly can, but the customer and installer must acknowledge that we do not have a 24/7 support team ready to walk you through things – instead we continuously check emails throughout the day and respond as soon as we can.

Please ask us directly if we partner with a specific installer, as an installer may be dishonest about a connection with us in order to obtain your business. We will confirm or deny a partnership swiftly so you can make an educated decision about your installation process.

-Ask relevant questions before purchase; check that screens will fit appropriately, sensors are compatible with your system, etc. Education is the customer’s responsibility and we do our best to be clear about what the product is and how it works, but we can’t answer a question that’s never asked. We can always provide answers if you email us at info@theonegauge.com.

-The customer is required to have access to a working PC computer running Windows (not a Mac/Apple or chromebook) for any Hub code updates or troubleshooting that may be required. For LCD screen purchases, the customer is additionally required to have a micro SD card and an way to transfer files to the SD card in the event an LCD screen refresh is required or requested.

Product Warranty: Warranty provided for 90 days on all OneGauge components (but we treat our customers like we’d want to be treated- if it’s our fault, we’ll work with you on an appropriate solution). Customer is required to return any item under warranty claim before a replacement is shipped or a deposit paid by the customer by discretion of OneGauge. Warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation or misuse of the product. Except for sensors, customers will be required to return the failed part to OneGauge, who will reimburse the cost of shipping and replace the part if the failure did not occur due to customer misuse, improper installation, or other user error. Should a sensor fail, the customer may be required to return the sensor to its manufacturer or drop off at a shipping site. Warranty only covers sensor function; sensors that give unexpected readings due to unexpected vehicle or engine characteristics (though the sensor functions properly) do not provide grounds to return a sensor or the system itself. In addition, OneGauge does not warranty products against unpredictable function due to noise introduced by electrical components in the vehicle. It is the users’ responsibility to eliminate electrical noise from their system or isolate the OneGauge setup to ensure proper function.

-Product Support: We are more than happy to provide fast responses to support requests and any assistance that is required for troubleshooting. Please leave plenty of time for install before a major deadline, such as an event or trip, to ensure that adequate time is available to set up the system. We only do very limited troubleshooting by phone- due to the nature of our business we are only rarely available for phone calls, and after many different troubleshooting experiences have found that email is a much faster way for us to answer customer requests. Email allows us to respond quickly with any software updates required, and videos can often help us troubleshoot more quickly. If you would like to schedule a phone call, please email us and provide your phone number, the nature of your question, and when you are typically available for a call. Please note that we are a part-time business, so emails can take 24-48 hours to receive a response, though many are often answered within hours.

OneGauge is not responsible for defects in products sold by partner vendors as part of a bundle or kit. This includes PiDash products, dash clusters or inserts sold by various vendors, or other products that are not manufactured by OneGauge. Customers will be referred to the appropriate vendor if issues arise with one of these products. Before purchase, please carefully inspect any screen mounts to ensure that they match your vehicle’s factory cluster or mount to ensure compatibility.

Shipping policies:
-OneGauge insures all packages against damage, so parts damaged in shipping will be replaced within a reasonable amount of time, but shipping damage does not constitute grounds for a product return.
-All orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail or UPS. Delivery time in the United States is typically 3-4 days, international is 2-4 weeks. OneGauge will provide a tracking number upon shipment when requested.
-For United States orders, if an order is not delivered within 14 days of shipment (30 days international), OneGauge will initiate an inquiry with USPS (the customer may initiate an inquiry at any time by contacting USPS). If after 30 days from shipment (60 days international) the postal service has not found or delivered the package, an insurance claim must be fulfilled by USPS. The insurance claim can then be used to open a new OneGauge order which will be subject to standard lead times.
-OneGauge is not responsible for packages after they are remitted to the post office. Please note any loss or damage that occurs in shipping so an insurance claim can be filed and this can be used to order a new OneGauge product. If the customer prefers a different shipping method they can request a shipping change at their expense.

-LCD screen fitment should be checked before ordering. OneGauge permits screen swaps if a screen doesn’t fit if the customer pays shipping for the new screens as well as any difference between the prices of the screens, but a refund or credit may not be issued if a more expensive screen is swapped for a less expensive screen. LCD screens include a set of standard designs available on TheOneGauge.com/FAQs. Any customization of screen designs may be billed at an hourly rate as agreed upon by the customer and OneGauge.

-4 to 6 feet of wiring (1.5-2m) is provided for all purchased sensors and screens. Wiring length is not guaranteed and subject to change. Wiring extensions are $0.50/ft. per wire, with a minimum charge of $5 for each wire. Shrink wrapping of the wire or wire bundle is an additional $1/ft with a minimum $5 charge.

-The OneGauge hub and LCD screen will be programmed according to the original sensors ordered. Should the customer require a reprogram to add or change sensors after the unit is received, a minimum reprogram fee may be charged. Any updates required by OneGauge for proper function will be provided at no charge. OBDII setups receive one free code update/screen adjustment (adding/removing sensors only) after purchase in the event that their vehicle’s ECU does not provide all of the sensor readings expected.