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Terms and Conditions:

Please review each item carefully. Anything left off of this invoice (not including voltage and fuel level sensors, which are free) will have to be billed separately if added later.

All purchasers are responsible for reviewing the documentation on our OneGauge FAQs page, including install instructions, before purchase. Please pay special attention to the Tachometer setup document as we do not guarantee that any single solution will work for every vehicle. The customer is responsible for finding and selecting the best tachometer solution and OneGauge will not accept returns on functioning tachometer components or modules if they do not work with your vehicle.

Customer is responsible for understanding how the system works and any potential issues before purchase. Please email with any questions BEFORE purchase. PayPal and other payment processing methods charge non-refundable fees, so we cannot refund these fees in the event that the customer misunderstands the product or how it works.

All sales final- warranty provided for 90 days on all OneGauge components (except those listed below). Warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation or misuse of the product. Except for sensors, customers will be required to return the failed part to OneGauge, who will reimburse the cost of shipping and replace the part if the failure did not occur due to customer misuse, improper installation, or other user error. Should a sensor fail, the customer may be required to return the sensor to its manufacturer or drop off at a shipping site. OneGauge DOES NOT warranty “Standard” Pressure sensors, only heavy duty sensors. Customers are responsible for reading the installation instructions as provided by OneGauge available at Warranty only covers sensor function; sensors that give unexpected readings due to unexpected vehicle or engine characteristics (though the sensor functions properly) do not provide grounds to return a sensor or the system itself. In addition, OneGauge does not warranty products against unpredictable function due to noise introduced by electrical components in the vehicle. It is the users’ responsibility to eliminate electrical noise from their system or isolate the OneGauge setup to ensure proper function.

Customers are responsible for measuring and ensuring that any components, including screens, fit before purchase. Templates and dimensions for screens are available at, and if a bezel or other mounting hardware is required please speak to us before purchase. Returns due to lack of fit of any component will not be accepted.  7″ and 10″ screens include a standard OneGauge design available on Gauges can be removed at no cost, and numerical readings can be added at no cost, but any modification to the default images, as well as any custom design, is billed at $30/hr with a one hour minimum charge. Any custom programming or design, when billed hourly, is not refundable under any circumstances. Screens smaller than 7″ usually require custom design, so please speak with us before purchase.

The OneGauge hub and LCD screen will be programmed according to the original sensors ordered. Should the customer require a reprogram to add or change sensors after the unit is received, a $30 minimum reprogram fee may be charged. Any updates required by OneGauge will be provided at no charge. OBDII setups receive one free code update/screen adjustment (adding/removing sensors only) after purchase in the event that their vehicle’s ECU does not provide all of the sensor readings expected.

The customer is required to have access to a working PC computer running Windows for any Hub code updates or troubleshooting that may be required. For LCD screen purchases, the customer is additionally required to have a micro SD card and an way to transfer files to the SD card in the event an LCD screen refresh is required or requested.