Ready to know what’s really happening under your hood?

There are three primary ways to order a OneGauge setup:

1979 Ford Bronco OneGauge Dash

Purchase a Pre-Assembled Kit:

Kits, or bundles, include everything you need to get started, including screens and sensors.
Visit our OneGauge Kits page to browse available kits.

7 inch LCD display with OneGauge Hub

Create a custom OneGauge setup:

Use our OneGauge Custom order page to start from scratch and select screens and sensors.
We double-check every order to confirm that you have everything you need!

OneGauge Hub

Purchase a OneGauge hub and order sensors yourself:

The most DIY solution, and also the least expensive. First, purchase a OneGauge hub here.
Browse the Sensor Purchase page to get links to purchase all sensors on other websites.
Note: Only use this solution if you do not plan to purchase a OneGauge LCD screen. 

You might be asking yourself- if I can save money by ordering sensors elsewhere, why order sensors from OneGauge?
  • OneGauge sensors include everything you need- sensor, wiring harness, and necessary accessories
  • An easy installation upgrade is available that makes installation the sensors much faster
  • Each sensor is tested on the unit to ensure it works correctly
  • No worrying about ordering the right sensors
  • Less fiddling with electronics
Why order sensors on your own?
  • Save some money
  • Easier returns if a sensor fail under warranty
  • Options to customize sensor wire management if you’re comfortable with electronics