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Everything you need to set up a custom digital gauge setup in your vehicle. Choose to use either a phone/tablet as a screen or a dedicated LCD touchscreen. Sensors and other options can be customized as well.

OneGauge Hub with sensors

OneGauge Phone/Tablet bundles include the Hub and Sensors and allows you to use your phone or tablet as a display. Prices start at $350.

OneGauge 7" Screen and Hub

OneGauge TouchScreen LCD bundles include the Hub, Sensors, and one or two touchscreen LCDs to display your gauges. Prices start at $500.


Choose exactly what options you want to include in your OneGauge setup. Start by purchasing a Hub, then add any screens and sensors.

OneGauge Hub

The Hub is the “brain” of the system. All sensors plug into the Hub, which sends data to your screen. Prices start at $300.

7 inch LCD display with OneGauge Hub

Add touchscreen LCD displays and browse optional add-ons like toggle buttons, data logging, and more.

Threaded Digital Temperature Sensor

Purchase ready-to-use sensors from OneGauge or buy them on your own. Most sensors range from $15-$50.

Current Order Processing Times

Standard OneGauge Setups – Tablet/Phone – 2-4 Weeks (most orders are ready to ship in 1 week)
Standard OneGauge LCD Orders – 3-6 Weeks
Heavily Customized LCD Orders – 4-8 Weeks+ (depending on complexity)