Put together a custom setup that includes only what sensors and options you need.
Everything is plug and play, and each sensor purchased from OneGauge includes all the necessary wiring.

OneGauge Hub

STEP 1: Purchase a OneGauge Hub
The “brain” or main computer of the OneGauge hub collects the sensor readings and sends them to your display. This is necessary for any OneGauge setup.

STEP 2: Add optional LCD Displays and upgrades
LCD screens can be used in addition to or in place of a phone or tablet as a screen. LCDs offer cleaner, more permanent installation options but usually require custom fabrication for installation. For questions, please reach out to

OneGauge Hub with multiple sensors

STEP 3: Choose what sensors you want to monitor
Allow your OneGauge to read a vast array of sensors, from temperature, pressure, boost, AFR, tachometer, and many more to get the most out of your setup.

Some helpful documentation:
OneGauge Installation Instructions
OneGauge Sensor List – A list of all sensors supported by OneGauge and where to install them.