The OneGauge system was created as a personal project, but it quickly became clear that it could serve the needs of many auto enthusiasts. It started as a way to avoid buying and installing a ton of expensive aftermarket gauges. Other digital dashboards and displays were very expensive and often only gave a limited and unattractive readout of a few basic engine measurements. The OneGauge has been through many design and testing stages and is continually improved as we seek to make it the best product possible.

The primary goal of OneGauge displays is to allow enthusiasts to create inexpensive and customized displays for their vehicle. It makes a great addition to popular carburetor to EFI conversions as well as a fun display for off-road enthusiasts and tuners. The Bluetooth based communication used by the OneGauge allows the user to choose whether or not to mount a permanent display in their vehicle or use their phone or tablet whenever they want more detailed gauges. The OneGauge can also be installed so that enthusiasts can keep functional stock gauges and have the benefit of added sensors.

This is why we believe the OneGauge is a great product- it can meet the need of virtually anybody customizing their car or truck. We work hard to ensure that the OneGauge is a quality, dependable product and welcome feedback as well as suggestions for future development!

-The OneGauge team, theonegauge@gmail.com

OneGauge is owned by Upend, LLC.