To support automotive culture and education in our area (OneGauge is located in Northwest Arkansas, USA) we are donating a complete OneGauge kit to be raffled off in March! Cruising the Ozarks provides scholarships for local students entering the automotive field and supports our community through various charitable efforts for children and others in Northwest AR.

Anyone can purchase tickets for the raffle- we offer free shipping in the United States and low rates for international shipping as well. 

This standalone kit will work in any vehicle, from carbureted engines to the newest EFI setups, and includes everything required for a basic setup. It can also be expanded or upgraded based on the needs of the customer for plug-and-play connections to aftermarket ECU’s (Holley, Fitech, Edelbrock, Haltech, and many more) or OBD-II (2008+) compatible vehicles.

The winner of the kit can choose to add additional components or upgrades (on-screen buttons, additional sensors/gauges, and much more) to the kit with a discount of 25% (with the exception of vehicle specific instrument clusters and AFR sensors). If the customer purchases a OneGauge product in March of 2024 then wins the raffle, a refund for their kit purchase to their kit will be provided at a value of up to $700.

Basic kits provide Speedometer, RPM, fuel level, voltage, coolant temperature, oil pressure, odometer, turn signals, and 3 indicator readings on your selected screen, but many additional sensors can be added. See our standard Basic Kit here! 
This kit includes:
  • OneGauge Hub –  The central hub that connects to all of your sensors, encased in a 3D printed enclosure
    • Fuel level, voltage, turn signals, and 3 indicator inputs (12v triggered), and a tachometer (RPM) input is included in every setup. A tachometer adapter may be required and can be purchased separately, please see the installation instructions.
  • Power wires (6ft/2m)
  • Bluetooth connection to an Android Device – connects to Torque Pro or RealDash apps on any android device (device not included)
  • LCD screen (7″ with 10″ upgrade available) with 40+ pre-loaded gauge designs and themes. Customers can customize the design themselves if they choose. A 6ft/2m wiring harness is included to connect the hub to the screen for 7″ screens, or a 4.9ft/1.5m wiring harness for 10″ screens.
    • With this kit a housing/mount kit will be included to enclose and provide an optional mounting solution for the screen.
  • GPS speedometer that provides speed, compass, and altitude.
  • 1/8″ NPT Coolant temperature (1-wire) and digital Oil Pressure sensor (3-wire) with 6-foot wiring harnesses provided for both
  • Odometer reading to track vehicle mileage.
  • All other features of the OneGauge system including gear calculations, programmable fuel level input, user defined thresholds for warning indicators, adjustable screen brightness, fuel efficiency tracking, lap and distance timing (1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60), and more.

Thanks for looking and supporting Cruising the Ozarks and automotive scholarships!