Digital Dashes Compared: OneGauge vs. the Competition

How does OneGauge compare to other digital dash products on there market? There are a ton of options out there, so how do you pick what’s best for you? We’ll be totally honest about what our system can do and provide some insight into our features and what sets OneGauge apart.


The most important thing most customers look for first is the screen. Only OneGauge allows you to connect to three types of screens- a phone/tablet, one of our standard LCD screens, and/or a variety of sizes and shapes of HDMI LCD screens (such as round screens, widescreens, etc). Another unique feature with OneGauge is the ability to use multiple screens, and to mix and match. Need a main screen for daily driving but need extra gauges for racing? Use a standard LCD screen in your dash and put extra gauges on a tablet for additional sensors. Need to add, remove, or change screens someday? No problem, and no need to buy an entirely new setup. Most other digital dashes are a screen/computer combination, so if you need to change your screen you have to purchase an entirely new system; OneGauge separates the two so you can change your screen as needed.


OneGauge is compatible with more engines and vehicles than anything on the market. For carbureted, diesel, or OBD-I vehicles, you can plug in nearly 30 different sensors and monitor anything you need. OBD-II vehicles can send a ton of information to OneGauge by using an OBD-II adapter. OneGauge has specific solutions for EFI kits as well (Holley, Fitech, and Edelbrock) that allow a plug-and-play install of a digital dash. If you’ve swapped out your ECU for a standalone, OneGauge works with many of the top ECU’s on the market and we’re constantly adding support for more. Again, just like your screens, you can mix and match- add sensors to your OBD-II vehicle, for example, to monitor readings that your stock engine computer doesn’t!


Many digital dashes offer a host of other features beyond seeing your gauges; datalogging, lap timing, drag race timing, fuel efficiency, virtual dynos, and more. OneGauge offers these features as well, and allows you to add elements like vehicle roll/tilt, totally customizable on-screen buttons that can be triggered by your gauge readings (for fans, pumps, etc.), gauge alarms, shift lights, LED strips, customizable indicators, and other features to make your dash do more than just gauges.


One of the most daunting parts of a digital dash install for most customers is how to mount the screen. Our 3 screen options provide a lot of versatility for mounting options, and we also offer a variety of cases and cluster mounting solutions. If you’re looking for a drop-in install, multiple manufacturers make instrument cluster housings that work with OneGauge’s screens so there is almost certainly something available for your vehicle. If not, OneGauge offers 3D printed universal housings that can be custom-made to your needs.


Unlike most digital dashes that lock you into a number of designs or themes (and allow you to change a few colors or rearrange your gauges), OneGauge is truly 100% customizable. They can look like anything you want! Our standard setups include more than 15 pre-loaded themes, which can be adjusted to your needs, but you can also have a completely custom design made for your screen. Want your dash to look like the dashboard of the Starship Enterprise, a Nascar or Formula 1 cockpit, or the inside of a stealth bomber? OneGauge can do that. The downside of this is that the designs aren’t currently user-adjustable on screen, but we are hoping to change that soon.


OneGauge prides itself on being different. Yes, our product looks different from what you’d find from a mass manufactured product by a big name in the automotive world. Our products are hand built, hand-soldered, and every unit is tested before it is shipped. This means it may take a couple weeks for your product to ship, but each is custom built to your needs, and you only pay for the features you’ll use. If you need to change your configuration we make updating the software for your system easy and we take care of all the programming for you. Our warranty may say it lasts 90-days, but we go well beyond that to ensure that our customers are happy with the product. We run OneGauge in our own personal vehicles (and have been using them for years now), we’ve subjected them to engine temps, left them open in the engine bay, taken them off-road, and more to ensure that they are dependable for your vehicle.


No waiting on hold, no hotlines, no waiting weeks to get a simple issue fixed. With OneGauge, email us or contact us on social media with any help you need and you’ll get one-on-one support and troubleshooting.