We are excited to be offering another screen option- our most versatile yet!

OneGauge will now directly connect to PiDash, a Raspberry-Pi based screen option that runs the popular software TunerStudio. 

Here are some features:

  • Nearly unlimited variety of screen options- anything with HDMI! Many “widescreen” format screens that better fit rectangularPiDash dash
    openings are available as well.
  • TunerStudio allows you to more easily design and edit your own gauges, and there’s tons of support and help to get started as well as gauge designs available online.
  • Connect to OneGauge quickly and easily through a single USB connection. OneGauge will provide all your sensor readings and PiDash will be ready to go when connected, so you don’t have to worry about programming it or setting it up.
  • You’ll have all the support you need from both OneGauge and Nick at PiDash.
  • Please note that PiDash does have a 20 second boot time, but this is negated by adding a relay that turns the setup on when the vehicle is unlocked or the door is opened.

To explore what PiDash has to offer- visit their website: