Hey guys! Michael here.
I’ve been running this business by myself for the last couple years and have been amazed at how much it’s grown and how eager so many of you have been for products like this. I’m grateful for your support and interest- keep it coming!

We’re going to be make some important changes in the near future. Here are some things you can expect to see:

  • Greater focus on allowing you to put together your setup yourself and save a lot of money doing so (and better instructions to help you!)
  • Partnerships with other companies with great products that work with OneGauge
  • Creating a Facebook Group focus on OneGauge related products so you can share ideas, screen designs, and support each other

My goal is that OneGauge becomes not only a product, but a community, much like MegaSquirt or Speeduino. Hopefully in the near future you’ll find a group of supportive people who are working together to develop awesome results from OneGauge products. This will lower the cost of entry for new users looking to add gauges to their vehicle (or boat, tractor, you name it) and give experienced users a way OneGauge to the next level.

Stay posted! Fun times ahead!