Are you looking to make some money just by sharing our products? We would rather pay you for sharing our products than pay for advertising, and we are always looking for support as we try to get the word out about our product. To that end, we are currently offering a 5% referral commission for OneGauge Logoanybody you send to our website!

Simply create an affiliate account here – – generate a link that’s unique to you, and use this link to send customers to our website. Orders start at $300, that guarantees a $15 payout for each order, though orders are often double or triple that amount.

This program works by using the link that you generate to track who visits the OneGauge website and automatically give you credit for customers you send to our website. Use this link anytime you include OneGauge products in a social media post, a YouTube video, a blog post, or any other online opportunity to share a OneGauge setup and when anyone who uses your generated link purchases a product you’ll earn a 5% cut of the pre-tax purchase price.

How to get started-

  1. Use the site to sign up for the program.
  2. Once you are signed in, click the “Creatives” link at the top of the page and use the “Generate Referral URL” button to create a unique link to any page on
  3. Use this link in any posts about OneGauge and our products to refer potential customers to the site.

That’s all! The system does the rest of the work and tracks where visitors came from in order to award the commission. You’ll be payed by Paypal when you’ve accumulated more than $20 of commission. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions page.

If you need copy of our media (product photos, logos, etc), feel free to use our Affiliate Media files to help you create great opportunities to share OneGauge products.

As always, reach out to us with any questions at all!