We’re always working to add new features at OneGauge. Here are couple we’ve added recently:

  • Support for CAN-BUS enabled input and output devices. These include aftermarket ECU’s such as MaxxECU, Link G4, Haltech, and other ECUs that either have published their CAN-BUS protocols or allow you to set up custom CAN-BUS output. CAN-BUS input devices would be other devices, such as the Podium system for live race data broadcasting or other data logging systems. We’ll be adding products based around these soon.
  • Ethanol Content/Flex Fuel sensors – standard sensors for reading both ethanol content and fuel temperature. We can support various sensors, from standard sensors with 3/8″ fuel hose barbs to sensors with AN6 fittings.
  • G-Force readings can now be provided by our accelerometer sensor. In the past we have primarily used this sensor for vehicle roll and tilt, which is great for off-road applications, but now our screens can provide 3-axis g-forces at any given time.
  • Upgraded GPS option for faster connections and more updates. Our standard GPS will work fine for most users, but if your vehicle sees the track often or if you need more precision from the GPS, this is a good upgrade.
  • Additional design elements for our 7″ and 10″ LCD screens.
    • The gauge faces on our Classic White and Classic Black screens can now be configured to turn red at a given threshold as a warning light.
    • The “Rubio” theme now also has a optional background color changes for warning light applications.