We are launching a program this year to help get the word out about our products. We know that word of mouth tends to be the best form of advertising, so we are paying you to tell your friends about us!

When you share our product and a customer makes a purchase as a result, you get paid 5% of the purchase price for anybody who makes a purchase and that customer gets 5% off their order.  So if put up a post on a Facebook group about our product and somebody sees it and purchases $500 worth of OneGauge gauges, you would get $25 and the person who buys it would get $25 off their purchase. All you have to do is share our products with any interested friends, Facebook groups, forums, or anywhere else! There’s not limit to how much we will pay you if you help us get the word out about our products.

A few tips:
-Posting about our products in automotive or other Facebook groups, as well as online forums, is a great way to quickly tell thousands of people about our products. Be sure to use pictures! Please remember to follow any applicable rules of the group that you are posting in.
-We have many videos on YouTube that explain our products that you can share.
-Share posts you find on the OneGauge Facebook page and tag friends in these posts
-Make sure anybody you refer can provide your name as the referrer
-If you need any pictures or information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us- info@theonegauge.com

Referral program details:
-Customer must purchase at least $350 worth of OneGauge products before the referral program kicks in.
-Please send any questions concerning our products to OneGauge so we can provide correct details on our setups
-Referral paid once per customer; if a customer makes repeat purchases, a referral is only paid based on the initial purchase amount.
-Valid on all applicable purchases paid in full by 12/31/2020.
-No limit on how much an individual may receive from the referral program
-Referral is paid 90 days after the product is received by the customer based on the final product purchase price
-Each customer must provide the name of only one person who referred them