I occasionally get asked if there is a delay for our digital gauges- many people wonder if using a wireless connection or reading a sensor digitally adds a delay between the reading and seeing it on the screen.
I did a quick-and-dirty test with our new tachometer module and compared it to the speed of a standard, analog tachometer.

The first portion of the test shows a OneGauge setup with both a Bluetooth connection to the Torque app and a wired connection to a touchscreen LCD. This is really a ‘worst-case scenario’ for the speed of the system, since it is sending communication to two separate screens. You’ll notice, though, that there is very little noticeable delay between the three different readings.

As expected, the Torque app shows the most lag, which is really only noticeable when the gauge peaks and begins to fall. Communication with the wired screen is quite a bit quicker. The second test shows an LCD screen only with no wireless connection- this results in a little less lag, but it’s hard to see a real difference.

A few notes- this old, tired Ford engine was not ready to rev above 3k in the cold weather, so I kept the rev’s low to avoid having an engine explode in my face. Second, the readings of all the other gauges on the screen (Coolant Temp and Oil Pressure) are just random readings…the engine was not overheating!