After some time doing some research, we’ve found some better and less-expensive options for our two most expensive sensors- the Tachometer and Oxygen sensor (AFR) setups.

For a Tach interface, we currently two different modules are for gasoline and diesel setups. We will now use a single module that can accept a tach signal from any standard tach signal output- ignition coil, HEI distributor, flywheel sensor, alternator pickup, and distributor gear type sensors. The price will fall from $110 currently to $75, installed in the Hub and wired up, in the future. If you’re the DIY type and you want to purchase the module on your own, or add it to a OneGauge setup you already have, here is the link! 

For Oxygen sensors, we are are adding support for another type of Oxygen Sensor controller. Oxygen sensors require constant monitoring and adjustment based on many variables of the vehicle, so they must be wired through a separate controller. We have used Innovate Motorsport’s LC-2 controller and sensor combo in the past, but will now offer support for WB D1 Wideband AFR controllers.

Both controllers support Bosch LSU 4.2 sensors, and the Innovate controller also supports Bosch LSU 4.9’s. The Innovate package will include a Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor, while the WB setup will not include an oxygen sensor. For now, the Innovate Motorsport’s package is priced at $180 installed on your Hub, but the price of this unit is falling, so if we are able to purchase it more cheaply we will pass that savings on to you. The WB D1 controller will be priced at $75 installed on your Hub.

If you have questions about any of our sensors, please reach out to us at Thanks!!