At OneGauge we offer two main types of displays- phones/tablets or custom touchscreen LCDs.

The phone/tablet route is a great option for most people, as they are very easy to install and require little to no vehicle modification. You can often find windshield, dashboard, or other types of mounts for all sizes of phones and tablets so you can easily use your device in your vehicle.

However, many people want to use a touchscreen LCD because they present a more professional, finished look in your vehicle. These installations require a lot more work though, are usually more expensive, and often involve heavy modification of your dashboard. Here’s a few ides of how you could go about it:

Using an old instrument cluster

In the case of many older vehicles, a modified instrument cluster can work well. For my 1979 Bronco, which offers three nice, square openings, I removed the gauges on both sides of the speedometer and replacement them with 3.5″ LCD screens and bezels for a finished look.
This option is not the best, however, for many more modern instrument clusters, which have round or small openings that would require a lot of modification.

Find an adapter that will allow you to add a screen

Since 3d printing has come along, it’s a lot easier to make custom parts for all kinds of vehicles. This photo is an example of a Volvo 240 adapter that would allow you to add one of our 7″ screens to the factor instrument cluster location. If you drive a vehicle that is often modified or has strong aftermarket support, you may be able to find something similar. If not, reach out to us and we might be able to have one designed for you.

Build or fabricate your own adapter

With the magic of modern materials, like fiberglass, you might be able to make your own housing for one of our displays. If so, awesome! We look forward to seeing it!

Here’s a great video from Eric the Car guy that might inspire to build your own cluster. He does it pretty easily and with basic tools!

Use a large, flat or unused portion of your dashboard

If you’re willing to be brave, you could cut a large hole in an empty or unused portion of your dashboard or find a screen that will fit an unused hole. You will likely need to create or purchase a bezel to cover up any rough edges, but this can be a good way to use wasted space in your dash. In the photo on the left, I used a small storage opening in my Volvo to add a small screen and four 7-segment displays for various gauges.

Add a floor or overhead console

Custom built or aftermarket consoles can offer customizeable spaces to add a screen setup. There are many hobbists or small business who make custom consoles- check Facebook or forums for your vehicle for ideas of who might make something that could work. Something like this Zebra brand console could work well if you can remove the screen and add your own!

Get creative!

Here at OneGauge, we’re excited to see the ideas that you come up with. To keep our costs low, we don’t make vehicle-specific setups, but we are always interested to see how you can incorporate our products into your car. Please reach out if you have any questions-