I’m excited to announce the newest standard version of our product- version 2 of the OneGauge hub.
There are three primary upgrades for V2:

-Each Hub includes a custom 3d printed case
-It is now easier for users to add or remove sensors at any time
-Expanded sensor support so you can run more sensors (see the page cover photo for specifics)

When ordering a OneGauge hub in the future, this is our new standard model. Each Hub starts at $300- not $1500 to $3000+ like our competitors. Thanks for your support!

The new OneGauge Hub supports up to:

  • 4 Analog and 7 Digital Temperature Sensors
  • 2 Analog and 6 Digital Pressure Sensors
  • 2 Fuel Tank Level Sensors
  • 1 Manifold Vacuum/Boost Sensor
  • 2 Oxygen (Air/Fuel ratio) Sensors
  • 3 Voltage Sensors (Battery + 2 addl.)
  • 1 Fuel Flow Sensor
  • 1 Tachometer Sensor

The following modules can be added:

  • GPS Speedometer/Altitude/Compass/Lat & Long
  • Communication with up to 2 Android phones/tablets
  • Communication with 1 Apple phone/tablet
  • Up to 2 custom touchscreen LCD displays
  • OBDII Sensor Input from Vehicle
  • Inclinometer (vehicle tilt/roll) sensor

If you have other needs, such as sensors or screens beyond the capacity listed above, we can always custom-configure your OneGauge setup. Reach out to us at info@TheOneGauge.com with any questions, or use the contact form in the top menu!